Alice in Wonderland Fancy Dress 

If you want to chase your own white rabbit down the hole you'll want to do it in a delicious Alice costume or an outfit related to the Wonderland world. Ladies, a fairytale Alice costume or a devious Queen of hearts outfit both look excellent while guys can dress as the Mad Hatter. If you care to join your parter at the tea party table why not cosplay as the March hare. We have a delightful selection of outfits to choose from so pick one up and enjoy your own fairytale journey.

  • Queen of Hearts
    Queen of Hearts
    Fairytale themed parties are incredibly popular and with the 2010 release of Alice in Wonderland demand for Queen of hearts fancy dress outfits rocketed. The introduction of the red Queen, played by British actress Helena Botham Carter, in the live action Tim Burton movie release revitalised interest in queen of heart outfits.We stock fancy dress outfits based on the evil original Queen of Hearts from Disney's 1951 Alice in Wonderland and the more modern red Queen of Hearts costume. There are also different designs inspired by the devious villain, which all incorporate red hearts and the other playing card suits.