Women's Fancy Dress 

We have a great selection of women's fancy dress costumes in a range of styles and sizes. If you want to go out dressed up like a sexy nurse, an invincible superhero, the most fearsome pirate on the high seas or laying down the law in one of our cop costumes we've got something for you.

When you're charged with organising a hen party or a big birthday bash and new some great ladies costumes to go out in we can provide everything you'll need to make the day perfect.

  • 50's 60's 70's 80's
    50's 60's 70's 80's
  • Accessories

    The best way to finish off any costume is with fancy dress accessories. We have stockings, socks, Halloween props, dusters for your french maid uniform and a variety of wings for a range of outfits.

  • Angel & Demons
    Angel & Demons

    Angel and demon costumes arn't just for Halloween, you can wear them at any time through the year. Check out our selection of angelic white angel and feisty dark demon fancy dress outfits to suit your mood.

  • Animals & Nature
    Animals & Nature

    Some of the cutest costumes that you can wear are animal fancy dress outfits. Be it an adorable bunny costume, a bright and summer themed bumble bee dress or a furry kitten outfit we have them all.

  • Continental

    Most of us love to travel abroad but with costumes from the continent you can recreate that foreign feel at home. If you want to dress up as a Japanese geisha girl in a kimono, a mystical Romany gypsy, a princess from Arabia or a goddess from ancient Greece we've got you covered.

  • Country

    Ever wondered what it would be like to live life in the country? OK, so we can't offer that experience, but you can dress up in a country style outfit and see for yourself. Some of the country fancy dress outfits that you wear include a milk maid dress so you can tend to some cows, play the role of a peasant on the farm or tend to the house as a farmers wife.

  • Fairytale

    With a large range of options it's easy to see why fairytale fancy dress costumes are a popular pick with groups. One person could go as a rag doll, another as Jasmine and the list goes on. Disney took huge strides in making the fairytale theme what it is today by continually capturing the hearts of adults and children around the globe. Every movie release brought with it a new cast of Disney characters to choose from when you decide on your next dressing up party outfit. Whatever choice you eventually make be sure that you accessorise your fairytale costume accordingly.

  • Gangster

    Turn the clocks all the way back to the 1930's and become a Chicago crime lord with a gangster fancy dress outfit. Pin stripe gangster costumes have never gone out of style and will definately earn you the respect that you deserve. Thrown in a pair of saucy fishnet stockings and a gangster hat from our accessories range and you've got yourself a winner.

  • Historical

    Turn back time and recreate some of the most important times in our history with one of our historical fancy dress costumes. You could take centre stage at Rome's colosseum in a gladiator outfit or bath in the baking hot weather at the Acroplis in a toga.

  • Minnie Mouse
    Minnie Mouse

    Minnie Mouse fancy dress costumes are perfect for a night out or a Disney party. The red and white polkadot dress design is world famous and is instantly recognisable. Ladies Disney classic Mini Mouse is one of our favourite costumes and the sexy collection available should fit your every need. Most costumes include Minnie Mouse ears, though you can buy a pair from our accessories section if you want some on their own. If you take a stroll around Disneyland you're going to bump into the hugely popular Disney characters. Some of them are old favourites while others have been introduced more recently. They include Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Disney princesses Cinderella and Belle, Goofy and modern heroes like Woody and Buzz Lightyear. Why not join them on the walk up to Cinderellas castle in your own red and white polkadot outfit. If we don't have the Minnie mouse costume you want in stock please send us a message via the contact us link at the top of the page and we'll let you know when more are due back in stock.

  • Moulin Rouge
    Moulin Rouge

    Moulin Rouge fancy dress costumes perfect for a burlesque night.

  • Oktoberfest Costumes
    Oktoberfest Costumes

    When the summer sun finally appears beer gardens around the country start to fill up and the perfect way to celebrate this is to thrown on Oktoberfest costumes with your friends. Whether you're visiting Germany to attend the beer festival or joining in the festivities from a pub close to home we have some beautiful Oktoberfest fancy dress costumes available in a range of sizes and in different designs so your friends can join in as well. We also have laderhosen for men.

    Held in Munich, Oktoberfest 2016 is from 17th September to 2nd October, so don't forget to mark the dates in your diary and buy your Oktoberfest outfit early! If you can't make it to Germany to celebrate at the official event there are also a whole host of themed events that take place across the UK, so check your local listings for organised events near you.

  • Pirate Costumes
    Pirate Costumes

    No one walks the plank these days, but that doesn't mean that wearing a pirate costume is a thing of the past. Captain Jack Sparrow reignited our interest in pirate costumes and we're loving it. If you came in search of lost treasure congratulations because you just found it. Our pirate fancy dress outfits suit all occasions, so if your swashbuckling with your friends or plundering for booty on a night out, we have an outfit for you.

  • Sports Fancy Dress
    Sports Fancy Dress

    Sports fancy dress costumes are great for the summer or society nights out. You could become a referee, cheerleader or a racer girl to name just a few.

  • Super Hero Costumes
    Super Hero Costumes

    It's time to be one of the goodies in one of our superhero costumes. You can be a character who fly's through the sky, battles her arch enemy or defends the world from evil. If you've always wanted to pull on a tight spandex catsuit and fight crime then you're in the right place. Unfortunately the power of invincibility isn't included with any of our outfits.

  • Uniforms

    Ladies, it's time to suit up in one of our tasty uniforms. Take on the role of a cheeky air hostess, soar high into the sky as a pilot or save our country in a sexy army costume.

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